Women are Lunar 🌝🌚

What an absolutely true statement. My cycles has always lined up with New & Full Moons. My emotions are extremely intense, but I’ve learned to control and channel them. This helps me tremendously when I’m making fixes candles and setting intentions. The second picture shows my cycle at the beginning of this month and at the end. This year we started off with a Full Moon (Wolf Moon) in Cancer on January 1st & 2nd.. which was the 1st day of my cycle. We’re ending this month with a Full Moon (Blue Moon) in Leo which is when my next cycle begins. Women are Lunar, it’s nature’s way us making us natural healers and providers. If you guys would like to know more about your cycles and synchronizing with the moons lunar faze, leave a comment.. send a quick DM! I’ll create a blog post on my word press answering questions and explaining a little more about the topic and how you can get the best and make the best out of cycle during the changes with the Moon.

The first picture is a repost by @sdirshe and the second picture came from my menstrual app “Flo” it’s available on an iPhone, I’m not sure about android devices. #dearkiwanna #mooncycles #astrology #menstrualcycle #fullmoon #newmoon #lunar #intentions #beingawoman #ilovebeingawoman #womenaremagic #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlmagick #alchemy #ilovewhatido



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