Aquarius Season

♒️ Aquarius Season ♒️ Free Spirited, Mysterious, & Independent. Their ruling planets are Saturn & Uranus. Their key planet is Uranus, which defines our imagination and genius.

Those born under this sign are humanitarians at its best! Creative & broad minded, their real truth seekers, while being friendly & affectionate. (some are affectionate). These signs crave deep & passionate love but could come off uninterested & annoyed. Some can’t help it.. Some want passion in their lives but have a complicated way of receiving it, although its easy for them to give it.

Positive traits include Truthfulness , Curiosity, having an Affectionate Personality. Some of their negativity traits are being Unpredictable, Detachments, & having a Tendency to get off track.

Tag an Aquarius!!

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