🌑Super Blue Blood Moon🌑

🌑 On Wednesday, January 31st there will be a second Full Moon in January which is known as a Blue Moon. The effects will last up until the second Lunar Eclipse in July 2018.

🌑 A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in a calendar month & could appear bluish or smokey looking. The first Full Moon was in Cancer, and it was at the beginning of this month.

🌑 This Moon may also be referred to as a Blood Moon, where it’ll appear reddish because of the filtered sunlight by the Lunar Eclipse it’ll also produce. A Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon appears dark as it passes through the earths shadow. In astrology, a Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon but stronger.

🌑 The effects of an Eclipse are more intense emotionally, and it focuses on your intimate relationships, home & family. This’ll help balancing your close relationships, resetting your emotions and clearing out any emotional baggage you may have.

🌑 As you can see.. there’s a lot going on with this Full Moon & it’s in the sign of Leo, whereas the Sun is in Aquarius which is Leo’s total opposite.. i know, it’s a lot to take in but I’ll try my best to explain this as best as i can.

🌑 This Moon will have us chasing Money, Vanity, Love, & Healing. These elements are important in our next transformations. With it being in Leo, this’ll bring out just that, but channeling it will be the key to your success.

✨ This Leo Moon will demand us to break our traditions, & clinging on to things we know are no longer serving us will create unnecessary road blocks.

✨ Aquarius & Leo are both authentic but Leo focuses more on your inner royalty. Leo’s are very boastful and full if zest, the confidence of this sign could help you reach milestones.

🌜Here is a little advice for each sign while transmuting in the atmosphere.🌛

♈️ Aries: Watch your finances! This is a great time to keep them in check, things can and will happen but if you remain calm and work hard everything will work out in your favor.

♉️ Taurus: The focus will be on your career. What do you want out of your life? How do you plan to get it? Focus your energy on your career & future, things will begin to look up for you.

♊️ Gemini: Changes will start with your learnings & teaching. Discipline yourself. It may start off a little rocky but you can succeed! You always do!

♋️ Cancer: Relax as much as possible. Stress will come. It’s natural because your planet is the moon. Find outlets to destress yourself, like a calming hobby.

♌️ Leo: Your health needs your attention. Rest and sleep well. Pay attention to your body’s needs. Find a feel good routine and make it a habit.

♍️ Virgo: You’re one of the lucky ones in this Eclipse, smooth sailing.. continue making better choices. You’re doing great!

♎️ Libra: This will effect you indirectly. Be there for your friends, they’ll need you and your healing aura.

♏️ Scorpio: Career becomes important to you. If you’re lucky New Jobs and opportunity will show at your doorstep. Keep the faith!

♐️ Sagittarius: Avoid unnecessary traveling, we all love going and exploring new places, but don’t go broke over it. Things inside of you are starting to die off to make room for the new and better.

♑️ Capricorn: Therapy can be good for you right now, there are some things you’ll need help getting through and that’s okay. Find someone who can help you put your pieces back together. This could be a family member, close friend, or love interest. You’re gonna be okay.

♒️ Aquarius: Changes in your health are important. Pick up better habits when it comes to maintaining a healthy level in your outer and inner body.

♓️ Pisces: Effecting your heath, change your diet and or workout schedule. Advising family rather than dishing out money will help more than harm.

-D.K 💕


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