Beauty & Nonconformity

Leo & Aquarius

The Sun is in Aquarius while we just had a Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Leo (The Moon is currently still in Leo)

Leo & Aquarius are sister signs (opposite signs).

Aquarius uses their Heads while Leo uses their Hearts.

Leo’s are very passionate, sometimes to a fault. They have so much love to give but obsess over their personal and social image.

Being the complete opposite, Aquarius could care less about their images or romance, they want Complete Freedom.

❤️Love vs Connection ➿

Leo’s crave love. They want to touch, hold, & feel. Aquarius craves a connection with the mind. They want to pick your brain & engage into conversations that arouse their mental.

Leo’s (I want to create this)

Aquarius(I want to create meaning to this)

Both signs are extremely creative.

When first meeting a Leo, it feels as if you’ve known that person for forever. Their relatable & traditional. When meeting an Aquarius is feels as if you’re never gonna know who they are. Their distant & personal, they like it that way.

While these signs are both on the forefront, now is a great time for a deep & amazing connection.. with yourself. Now is the time to discover you’re true self, come to terms with it, & be happy. Don’t miss out!!!

-D.K 💕


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