I’ve had a couple of mini conversations with a fellow black girl at my job.

She don’t work in the office, she works on the floor but her hours are the same as mines so we always see each other.

The first time she saw me, she mugged me, (of course) & i was like “oh, okay girl”..

After a couple of times of walking past her in the hallway, i decided to stop & talk to her, i mean.. why not?

She immediately simmered down.

It wasn’t until i engaged in conversations with her, i noticed how bad she’d judged me.

Then when she found out i wasn’t as young as i looked, educated, and didn’t have children, she started trying to compete.

Down to the chicken hot pocket i was eating for lunch to my lemon and cucumber water bottle.

She started talking about working out & losing weight. I didn’t say anything back to that, although i do workout and try my best to eat healthy… i just did not wanna go down that road with her.

Somehow we got on the topic of school & travel, & she told me she was in school too, so i started giving her her her props like all women should.

I told her school is great, and I’m glad i went but there are a lot of jobs that’ll go by experience as well, then i told her someone in the office attended the same school as me.

She said something about that being cool but not fair, then she tried to rush off that subject… i doubled back & asked, “not fair in what instance”? She paused, so i started explaining to her the power of networking and how it can benefit.

She played like she agreed.

Her husband came and sat down & she started talking about their children.

About how she loved her little demons but angels.. etc. Then about how she i look so young, and i said “thanks, everyone thinks that, not knowing I’m well experienced”.

After that i started to drown her out.

It was her mannerism.

The things she said & how she said them. They way she looked at me & what & how i was doing things. I sensed the intimidation & competitiveness. It was it comfortable.

All the while i thought i was gonna have a good conversation with another young black woman it turned into something of a comparison.

So, i politely said “I’ll see you later” as i grabbed my banana out of my lunch box while she sat there & ate her hamburger helper, knowing that she just told me she don’t eat stuff like that.. but whatever.

From the beginning i knew she wanted my job, she can have it lol, but she really can’t because she’s not qualified & but to be honest i wanted hers, or to work on the floor in the department she works in.. that’s one of the reasons i approached her.

I knew she thought i was stuck up too. I tried to show her a small piece of me, and that didn’t work. It made me even more grateful for the friends i have & the love and loyalty we have for one another. We don’t judge nor do we do malice things behind each other’s back.

I said alllll of that, to say…

That’ll be the last conversation i have with that black girl at my job.



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