The Greatest Sex

It’s almost Valentines Day, & sadly i don’t have a Valentine but as a Valentines gift from me to you guys, I’m willing to share one of my personal pieces. This is a true story, & i hope you guys enjoy 💋

It was mid week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday & it was raining, hard. He was with some friends at a local bar & he asked if i could pick him up. At the time he was only driving his motorcycle, it was summer so he drove that instead of his Mercedes. He didn’t drive that night, the weather was pretty bad so i went to pick him up.

When we got to his place he started showing me this new piece he’d bought for his rifle. I don’t know much about guns but the rifle was huge with the laser at the end. He was slightly drunk, but extremely careful & safe with it. He told me he was gonna show me how to put it together, so i watched as he played with his gun.

He told me to come over as he stood up & placed it in my hands. She showed me how to hold it, where to place my hands & how to firmly grip it. I could tell this was arousing him by the way he held me as i was holding his rifle.

I placed the rifle down & walked over to the sofa to make friendly conversation. He started talking about this vacation he’d just took, while he grabbed some Gunja from the back. We smoked, we talked, we laughed, then he walked over to the couch and sat next to me.

On the couch, he sat in a way where he was holding me & i was looking up at him, then he leaned in & we started to kiss.

He held me tight while we he passionately kissed me. In between those kisses, he stopped twice to look up to tell me how beautiful i was, i lightly laughed & told him thank you. He grabbed my head and started kissing me harder.

There was music playing in the background, my music. I had an r&b playlist I’d hooked up to his Bluetooth. & it was like the music was guiding us through Nirvana, which by the way was one of the songs that had its playtime, “Nirvana” by Sam Smith. As our drums both vibrated at the same beat, it happened & it was amazing.

When it was over the song “Beautiful” by Mali Music immediately starting playing, i looked over at him, & he was like “yea, this playlist lit”, we both started laughing.

He pulled me closer to him. He didn’t want me to leave although i had too, but i wished i would have stayed. He held me tight as he said some of the most beautiful words to me. Words that should have made me stay, but i just couldn’t.

The rain was still pouring down, thunder even started to roar. He walked me to my car & kissed me good night. He told me to call him when i got home, i did.. & we stayed on the phone till he fell asleep.

I laid in my bed that night thinking, as i turned the same playlist on in my apartment, this one song stated to play, R. Kelley “The Greatest Sex”. I looked up at the ceiling, while smiling to myself & fell asleep.



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