February New Moon Solar Eclipse

🌜✨🌛 There’s an upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 15-16th in the independent sign of Aquarius. This represents a positive turning point bringing in a breath of fresh air.

Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve had to do a lot of releasing and letting go.

Maybe there were things from the prior year that needed to be cleared, & it brought on this sense of release and change.

January’s Full Moon & Eclipse played a big role in releasing energy & triggered things from the past that needed to be let go.

February has no Full Moon, this means this month is really about bringing in new & welcoming fresh starts.

Release will take a backseat for now & the New Moon Solar Eclipse will be able push us to create and plant seeds for the future. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is just a small one compared to the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. This doesn’t mean it’s not potent, it just means that it’ll be less intense. Instead of emotions running wild, they’ll be at ease.

The Sun will Conjunct The Moon, this is my favorite time! Also a great time for relationships. Understanding your partner will do well at this time. But, nonetheless this means these are wins! No lose or draw. Put yourself out there and hold tight to your future. Take a deeeep look into yourself & question those old thoughts & behaviors, write your new goals down and intentions on a sheet of paper, keep it close or burn it and set it free in the atmosphere. This Solar eclipse February 2018 is going to compliment what you grasped or let go on the Lunar Eclipse of January, and make lasting impression up until the Solar Eclipse on July 12 2018. Everything in life is a process, we must first go through these fazes & lessons to change us for the better and give us long lasting results. Stay Beautiful & Blessed, inside & out!


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