Black Girl Magic(k)

There’s a certain level of respect you should give when you ask people what they believe in & what their practices are.

This is a different time, different day & millennials are subject to getting offended & going off on you 🤷🏾‍♀️ personally, i won’t because i could care less but if I’m pushed i will hit back, hard.

I’m a Christian, i believe in God & when i pray, i pray to God. No one’s God looks the same. When i pray, I’m not praying to a white God, I’m just not. No one, & i mean no one knows what this Man or Woman looks like, but those who do believe has experienced his or her miracles.

I also believe in my ancestors. I believe that those that have came & gone in my family are looking down on me, watching & praying that i get it right. I believe that they are sending me their blessings & asking God to watch out for me, because I’m trying to get it right while I’m here.

I never knew some of the things i would naturally do were practices in different cultures. I’ve always loved nature, astrology, & the planets. I’m from an extremely small town so i never knew certain practices existed until i moved.

If you don’t know anything about Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wiccan, etc DON’T ask anyone if they practice it or (do it) You ask a dumb question, you’ll get a dumb response. This post isn’t to educate you in those practices so if you wanna know, you’ll have to research them on your own.

When i started making my intentions oils & candles it was simply just a thought of what if i could combine nature with the universe. What if i could get things grown from the earth that have specific meaning to amplify my prayers. Faith with out works is dead. When i researched that idea, i saw that is was Hoodoo Rootwork.. it works for me.

My ex use to tell me that i have a direct line with God, that whenever i call & ask God for something he picks up and gets right to it lol, again faith without works is dead. I use crystals, candles, oils, and incense. Music has the power to change your mood & emotions as well, so when i pray, set my intentions, and make my product i always listen to music. Music is my best friend.

The power to change your life & circumstances are inside you. Whatever works for you stick with it. I’ve been blessed to have come in contact with so many people across the world & they’ve willingly told me their stories. About why they are how they are & how it helps them in this day in age. I never judge, EVER. Unless… you’re a pedophile. Then i judge, really hard!

But other than that, do what makes you happy. Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning, whatever makes you excited for the new day, grasp it & don’t let it go. The only person that can determine you happiness is & will always be you. Stay Blessed!



2 thoughts on “Black Girl Magic(k)

  1. I follow a great deal of these views and it is also what led me to follow your page on Insta as well as here. I’ve always been considered eccentric and I embrace all cultures. I have always found comfort in the acknowledgment of other religions and oftentimes find myself “borrowing” and making them my own. When I pray, I pray to God. I believe that everything on this earth was created in connection to each other. I used to hide my crystals, sage, incense, and tarot cards from my mother bc she didn’t understand but now I keep them out and I enlighten her when she asks about them. She always finds a way to correlate them to her beliefs and the Scriptures and it just makes me see that if you keep an open mind, we’re really not all that different.

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