Karmic Relationships, Twin Flames, & Soulmates.

Neither of these relationships are better than the other. It just depends on when you were in the relationship and what mindset you were in.

One of the first relationships we usually have are karmic ones. These relationships are mostly lessons that we didn’t learn in previous lifetimes. Those people aren’t meant to take it easy on us, their meant to change our way of life. It’s like generational curses, you gotta break the cycle or history will keep repeating itself.

With Twin Flames, it’s like a mirror. The things we’ve spent our lives running from or denying is suddenly in front of us. These types of lovers confront us with our fears and egotistical driven desires. It’s how we act in life. Challenges and fears come with this, there will be phases of running & chasing, depending upon the spiritual & personal development of both individuals. Not everyone will experience this kind of relationship, & it is possible to get a grip on those challenges and stay to make things better & more smoother.

Soulmates can be just the best kind of love. It can be simple & sweet, but also complex, the good kind. These people are often who we marry & choose to build a life with, because of the emotional security. These are the feel good people in our lives.

Song Alina Baraz feat Khalid “Electric”


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