The Misconception of Tarot Cards

There are a lot of misconceptions around tarot cards & tarot readers.

Most think it’s a religion.

That it’s witchcraft & or work of the devil which is completely untrue.

Tarot cards are centered around energy. Anyone can learn the meanings of tarot cards, but not everyone will know how to read them.

You have to be extremely clairvoyant and receptive to letting other people’s energy & feelings into yours when you read for others. And you HAVE to know what each card mean.

When i first started i didn’t think i would ever remember the meaning of these cards, it’s so much & they go deep but practice makes you close to perfect.

You have to possess the ability to separate your feeling & mishaps to read what the cards are saying for you or who ever you’re reading the cards for.

Sometimes the cards will pick up on surrounding energy.

Like a spouse, or someone close to you.

The question you may ask could have something to do with someone else, & the cards could tell you about the that particular situation or what’s going on with them.

You have to be completely open to receive the message, that’s the only way it’ll work.

To sum things up, tarot cards are not evil. Their gonna pick up on your energy & tell you what’s going on, & what path may be best for you. They don’t tell the future. They guide you .. only you can determine your future. The choices you make, not the cards.

If you have any questions fill free to contact me, i love helping 💕



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