Virgo Full Moon March 1st-2nd

Full Moon March 1st-2nd #Detoxification

Release & let yourself be guided.

The shift of this Full Moon will place us in the direction we need to be.

Pay close attention to where this leads you, & what unfolds around you.

We didn’t have a Full Moon in February, that was a time of letting in & exploring. Now it’s time to come to the realization of what you can & cannot take, for good. In those area that felt cloudy.. the fog will now lift.

The Full Moon will be in the logical sign of Virgo, so there will be a lot of contemplating & cleaning.

Detoxing your inner so that you’re outer will show what you’re trying to portray.

Balance yourself, let what you truly want come in & what you don’t want leave. It’s time.

Although Full Moons are about releasing, this Full Moon carries strong potential for manifestation, but be practical. Like the Virgo maiden, look at every aspect, double check twice to make its right for you. Know what you can and cannot handle, you know what you want & you don’t need approval or owe anyone an explanation for your choices.

Be brave & remain loyal to yourself.

This is a clip from Spike Lee’s joint, “She’s Gotta Have it” -Nola realizes that there are toxic people & things that has been holding her back. In this clip

She centers herself & releases what no longer serves her. -D.K.

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