I’m Proud of Me

I’m the kind of woman that’ll go through 1,000 different emotions throughout the day.

I constantly second guess if my decisions are right.

I’ll stress myself into the ground & put myself into a massive depression, although it’ll only last about 2-4 hours lol.. shit still be bad

I’m always positive & optimistic, so when i worry or stress.. i feel like I’m dying inside but today, after i stressed myself to death, i came back to life different, more prouder.

I was so proud to just be me

Im proud that I’m strong enough to ask God to give me my worst, so i can place the mirror on myself & conquer my demons.

I’ve always asked God to let me feel these things

I need to go through these different emotions to make myself stronger.

I don’t fear any emotion, rather it be sadness , anger, love or pain.

We aren’t human if we don’t feel these things.

I don’t run from love, pain, or fear, i embrace it

I’m thankful for my bookshelf of emotions throughout the day

I’m proud of the dreads growing from my scalp, & my milk chocolate skin with curves to match.

I’m proud of the person I’m becoming & who I’m still growing to be.

I’m proud of Me

Song by Ne-Yo “Religious” Video of Sza.

#dearkiwanna #selflove #beproudofyou #conqueryourfears #beyourself #feelyoursoul #gypsy @dearkiwanna


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