Mercury & Venus in Aries

Mercury is in Aries & Venus will be moving into Aries March 9th

Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun is all about communication & perception.

It’s about quick thinking & having little to no patience.

Take it easy, opinions may be given when they weren’t needed, & egos could clash with Mercury in Aries.

Try to concentrate on one idea at a time.

Now is when we’re liable to jump from one thing to another without completing your last task. Stay focused, & think before you act/speak.

Venus is the planet of Love & Pleasure, & when it’s partnered with Aries is childlike & fun loving.

Venus in Aries is impulsive as well.

Charming, very flirtatious, & daring while constantly seeking adventure & trills when it comes to love. Be careful not to impulsively fall to fast, Aries are good for that as well as falling for to many people.

Patience & Tolerance is key.


#dearkiwanna #mercury #venus #aries #audreyhepburn


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