Miracles in March 💫

We have a lot of stuff going on in the month of March & it’s just the middle of the month.

We had a Full Moon on the 1st that prompted us to let go of the things we knew wouldn’t serve us in the long run.

We started a retrograde in Jupiter on the 8th that gave us hope & a better way of doing things.

This week we have a New Moon on the 17th which will bring us a sense of completion as we wrap up the astrological year.

The Spring Solstice on the 20th that will help us bloom & understand that timing means everything.

Mercury has a retrograde on the 22nd that will slow down what we think or thought we should rush at this time.

And last but not least, we end the month with a Full Moon in the 31st.

This is the time to transform your life to what or however you want to live it. Go through your motions & learn your lessons, it’s important for the future you.


#dearkiwanna #march #newbeginnings #newmoon #fullmoon #springsolstice #jupiterretrograde #mercuryretrograde #transformation #yunacrush #usher


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