Mars in Capricorn March 17th-May 16th

Mars is the planet of action & Capricorn is the sign of accomplishments

This is a great time to get to work

We’re still in the New Moon phase which perfect for starting new projects or coming up with new ways to accomplish our goals & create the finances we want & need

Mars brings motivation & energy

Capricorn will give us the mind set & will power to do so

Although we may be shifting into grind mode now, the urge to get down to business may really kick off when we enter Aries season on the 21st of March

Mars rules Aries, it has a fiery passionate persona, & with these planets & zodiac signs all working together could bring a focused & passionate work ethic unlike before

Mercury will go retrograde March 22nd & it’ll be in Aries

This doesn’t shift our focus from our goals but it will slow us down a bit, remember things tend to work a little backwards when we’re in this retrograde & we may have to stop & push the reset button a couple of times

It may be frustrating bcus while we’re in Aries season we tend to act & do things aggressively & at a fast pace.

This will be irritating bcus it may seem that things aren’t working how we want

Things are, just not how we imagined

During this time, go at your most comfortable pace, conserve your energy & remain focused

No matter what road we choose or the decisions we make, things will turn out exactly how they’re supposed to

Adapt to your circumstances & keep moving forward -D.K.

Song @beyonce “Diva” 💅🏾 #dearkiwanna #mars #capricorn #mercuryretrograde #newmoon #beyoncé #diva #gypsy


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