Aries Season feat Mercury Rx

Happy Astrological New Year! We’ve entered the sign of Aries! The hot tempered, adventurous, baby of the zodiac

Things may start to heat up, literally

Especially with Spring making its entrance earlier this week

Aries brings in spontaneous energy!

Those born under the sign of Aries Sun, Moon, or Rising are honest, brave, and headstrong

Just like their spirit animal the Ram, they’re willing to butt heads with anyone who may stand in their way

Mercury Rx is also here! With Aries!!

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Most people are always dreading this time of the year, it’s not my favorite but we all manage

While Mercury is stationed retrograde it may make us feel like were being dragged

The energy from Aries season may make us impatient, and aggressive, but the energy of the retrograde will slow us down & make us “re-do” & “re-think”

Words with re at the beginning will help

It may seem like we’re going backwards & communications are all out of wack, but that’s because we need to retrace our steps even if we don’t think we need to, trust me you should

Take things slow

This Aries energy could make you lose your temper

Don’t stress what you can’t change, let the universe take care of those things.


Song by @arinraycamp “ We Ain’t Homies”

#dearkiwanna #ariesseason #mercuryretrograde #aries #mercury #zodiac #astrology #gypsy #writer #blackgirlswhowrite


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