April Rx

Over the years I’ve learned more and more about Mercury Retrogrades

A Retrograde is something that is directed to or moving backwards

Mercury is the planet of communication, and is also shared by Gemini and Virgo

This retrograde made me stiff

A lot of things transpired internally, and I’ve been unable to express myself effectively

It’s like the world I built for myself was shaken, and torn down.. on purpose

I watched it, and there was nothing I could do

It wasn’t a horrific thing

It was growth

This began long before the retrograde, but during this time things needed to be silicified and solid

And that’s what I’m getting

Solid plans, solid actions, and solid people around me

I was quiet

I’ve been calm

And I’ve shown little to no emotion when things were meant to rattle me

I made solitude my best friend

I made calmness my lover

I discovered a peace about myself that allowed me to enjoy my alone time

I didn’t feel the need to boast in my accomplishments or tell the world I’m content

I’m working, internalizing my behaviors and those who I keep close

I’m not confused

I’m not frustrated

I’m patient

One of the biggest lessons when Mercury goes retrograde is patience

Mercury makes us rethink, rediscover, and redo

Unknowingly, I went through them all and more

With 7 days left in this retrograde, i wanna say thank you

Thank the alignment of the planets, and Mercury for forcing me to grow

Thank the seasons for changing and showing me how I too can blossom

I’m not perfect, and I’ll never claim to be, but as long as I keep growing everything will be just fine to me



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