Sun, (New) Moon, Mars, & Uranus in Aries

Sun, (New) Moon, Mars, & Uranus in Aries


So much Power

The Sun is still in Aries for a short period of time before it enters Taurus

The Sun illuminates Fire & Power, with it being in Aries our goals and what we’re trying to achieve feels like a fire inside of us

The planet Mars is heavily associated with Aries, this is the planet of impulsive action and energy

This is giving us the confidence to go for it, whatever it is!

Nothing will stand in the way

Uranus is a planet of Change, and when it’s partnered with Aries it requires us to be courageous and fight for what we love

You may also be fighting to become who you’re meant to be

Aries is a self seeking sign, it stands for self belief and everything dealing with true identity

Uranus is walking us into new paths and having us take charge of our destiny

The first New Moon of the Astro year is in Aries of course

A New Moon brings in brand new paths, new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing things

It’s signifies the end has taken place, and this is now where we start a new journey especially with these planets partnered with Aries

What is something about yourself you want to change, really change?

Rather is be personal or how you conduct business, this is a good time to do so

The universe is giving you everything you need right now, take advantage



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