I’m a Virgo too!

After carefully looking at my birth certificate and the time I was born, I re- evaluated my chart

My Sun and Venus is in Leo, and my Moon and Rising is in Virgo

I’d been running from that Virgo trait for a while.. and I couldn’t understand why

I mean, I’m a shining Leeeooooo, I didn’t wanna be a know it all Virgooooo

Those over thinking, analytical, critical Virgos..

Those intelligent, modest, problem solving Virgos

It wasn’t until I took the time to understand and re learn myself

I understood who I really am and what I really want

I over think

I’m analytical, and critical over others and myself

But I’m also resilient and detailed

I can teach myself how to do anything

I work and push hard towards my goals

I don’t lose

Those are my Virgo traits

Those skills kept me winning

Just like my Sun is in Leo & Leo is ruled by the Sun

My Virgo is in Mercury, and Mercury is Ruled by Virgo

I’m damn near crazy, but I’m also perfectly sane

Thank you Virgo for giving me your skills and will to help others

And thank you Leo, for teaching me to never be afraid to shine

-Learning to love and accept all of me, even the parts I didn’t know I had



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