Open Your Heart 💚

Coming into June 2018 I wanted to start back aligning my Chakras, which was totally needed but I didn’t know which one I needed the most

In this self seeking journey I discovered a chakra I’d been healing (unknowingly) for the past six months

I noticed a lot of changes..

Changes in the way I felt about myself and the people in my life

Everyday I saw green

I’d spend up to an hour in nature, day and night

Not because I was making myself meditate or because I needed to get fresh air, but because it simply felt good

It felt like peace

I could finally think and that’s what I did

I thought to myself, I laughed with myself, I forgave myself and some decisions I’d made in the past

I started to feel more vulnerable and sensitive

It could be something so small, but I’d feel every angle and inch of its energy, everything was heart felt

I was healing my Heart Chakra

This chakra is the fourth out of seven chakras and the color it associates with is green

It rules love, compassion, and opens you up to give and receive love

One of the best ways to heal this part of yourself is to be surrounded my nature and be willing to let nature take its place in your heart

What a journey it’s been for me

Its been a healing process

Life’s about healing yourself so you can move past what’s holding you back and focus on what’s to come

Heal yourself

Thank you for helping to heal me 💚



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