Saturn goes direct

Saturn has gone direct!! I repeat, Saturn is no longer retrograde, whew!

Since April of this year we’ve learned some hard lessons about finance, structure, and stability.

It may have seemed like you were paying for your past mistakes regarding these things.. you probably were, but now that Saturn is direct IF you’ve worked on the tasks Saturn appointed to fix these mistakes, you’ll start to feel the energy lift.

You now know what went wrong and you’ve worked hard to fix it. You should no longer be making the same mistakes. Its time to take this new found self awareness and carry it with you into the Virgo New Moon, there’s gifts waiting for you there.

Although Saturn is direct, it’s still stationed in its home… Capricorn till 2020. So from now until.. work your ass off for the things you want. Saturn doesn’t do handouts especially when he’s home in Capricorn. Show Saturn your capable and he’ll give you what you need.

Dear Kiwanna,


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