Life Vent

The last Full Moon in Scorpio I did a money ritual.. why? Cus errbody need money. Usually, my money candles or rituals bring fast money bcus that’s what I’ll need at that time. Since then I’ve been so lethargic and disconnected to spirit… maybe it was bcus I knew things would get handled. They always do. I almost missed the New Moon that recently past, it wasn’t until I woke up that morning and looked at my calendar.

In between those times things have been weighing on me. The more I got the more I had to give. The more I worked, the less time I had to create and practice self care.

It takes its toll

This time it’s teaching me how to become stable & secure. Spirit knew I didn’t need it fast, I needed it to last.

I personally don’t like to ask for help. I don’t like people saying they did this.. or hanging anything over my head. I like to take care of things bcus I know if I did it, it got done! But I had to take a step back.

You can’t burn yourself out working, trying to please others, and so on.

Mental Heath Matters.

My lesson is to willingly accept help and or ask. I love my life and how I chose to live it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, the problem is I complicate my life by trying to stay ahead of it. I can’t.. no one can so I’m taking a step back and letting life show me easier ways to live.



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