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Shadow Period

Last night I dreamt I was telling a small group of people that we were in the shadow period of Mercury going retrograde.

That things are intense now, not to say things will get worse but to prepare for the changes.

The recent Full Moon in Aries brought with it closure and change. Not in the most conventional way but in a way were you’ll look back and realize why it had to happen the way it did.

Don’t force your hand, it’ll only make things harder. Reassess the issue and go about it in a way that feeds your soul. Nurture yourself.

I know it’s hard trying to remain positive while under stress but remember, pressure creates diamonds and your new life requires you to let go of your past one completely.

It’s gonna require you to learn new things and go about your daily routines in a different way. You’ll need to move different for this.

Don’t pick a fight with the universe, let it have its way.


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