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First. Ima start by saying my New Year started February 1st, 2020.

Now that that’s out the way how do you guys feel?

It’s a new decade! Which brings me to my topic: “Do we really only get one life to live?” What about our past lives?

I don’t know about you guys but I feel a tad bit different.

Does the feeling make this a new life?

A new moon phase?


I don’t believe you only get one life to live, you can actually have plenty.

There are some people who’ve lived through a lot of different things, have grown and overcame their obstacles.

Their spirit has lived different lives and experienced many different things.

Dying is one thing but living is where life is.

At any giving moment you have the power to change and live a life more suitable to your growth and healing.

Back in college me and one of my best friends would go out every Thursday night.

I remember us telling each other, “these are the best days of our lives!”.. and I’d think about where I’d be when I looked back over that moment.

The moment I thought was my best, how could I top that?!

Now my days are just as hype but I move different.

Im a lot smart with my decision making and the people I choose to keep around me.

Which life are you living? Are you making this your best one?

I wanna hear your feedback!

How has your life changed? What things have you learned along the way? Is this your new life? A new moon phase?


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