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Spring Solstice (equinox) is right around the corner! This symbolizes light and dark, life and death, and the birth of something new. The beginning of spring is a great time for fresh beginnings and planting new seeds. This is a time to find our balance.

Are you revolving or evolving?

Try and look back at last spring. Who you were, where you lived, the circumstances you were in, and how you’ve evolved in to a greater person. Or have you been revolving in the same circular motion?

Make a mental or actually check list. What’s making you happy at this very moment and what’s holding you back. Eliminate what’s vibrating with negativity and fear and replace it with affirmations of love and encouragement. Vent about your joy, not what’s keeping you bound. Those who want to see you win will rejoice in your growth and maturity. Don’t fear life, embrace it.

Move forward.


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