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Devil’s Play • Six of Crystals (Confusion)

Rejoice! Have a drink, take some time to enjoy your accomplishments and vices.. no one makes it out alive anyway, right? Devil’s Play symbolizes the law of celebration. Laugh your fears and sorrows away and drink to your success. Free yourself and become a little spontaneous! BUT be aware of the temptation that’ll follow.
New Levels, New Devil’s.
The Six of Crystals is saying .. 🗣 GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!
Ideas in your mind grow organically in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Try not to overload your mind with too many stimulating ideas, this will cause a mental conflict and hinder you from making the right decisions.
Out of this conflict and confusion comes ideas of great creativity. Accept the battle of ideas, opinions and point of view. Out of conflict comes clarity.



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