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Q & A

Grand Rising,

I’ve had a few of the same questions & concerns over the past few weeks. This is a great time to do a Q&A on those topics.

☼ Do I ship? – Yes, I ship nationwide and shipping is $5

☼ Can I pick up the product? – Only in certain circumstances should I meet you with your items. That will be discussed but for now shipping is how you’ll receive your product.

☼ How do I order? – Okay, this is a biggie. I don’t have the payment option on my site because I need consultation before you order. I advise a lot of people on products that’ll work well with what their doing or trying to manifest. Before you place your order I’d like to communicate with you to make sure your needs are meet and that we’re on the right track to your spiritual divination.

☼ Crystal sizing? – Stones come in all shapes and sizes. Some of my crystals are large and some are small. If I showcase a large crystal it could very well be the largest that I have in that particular one, this doesn’t mean I don’t have more just not in that size.
*My sells are first come first serve unless you’ve ordered that particular item & I do not hold products if I have not received your payment.


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