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Pisces Full Moon

What better way to honor Pisces than with a Spiritual Bath. As I soak my physical body in herbs, crystals, and oils. I began to think about Pisces and the gifts she’s giving this full moon.
Pisces is a magical sign, very nebulous and intuitive. They use their emotions like the flow of water for guidance. None fearing when love is involved. Giving their gifts and magic to whom their hearts gravitate too. Careful to not be too naive but this is where she thrives. Forgiving the past, and welcoming a new level of love.
Pisces Full Moon 2020.. let go to grow. Tears will fall like summer rain.. out of nowhere but honor those tears. Celebrate releasing what was hard to come out. That feeling that’s been at the pit of your stomach having no where to go.
Release it.
Let your water flow. It’s time to detox through water and emotion. Flow with the current.
Surrender to Ascend.

Asé ♓️

Pisces Full Moon.

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