I think it’s time to revive my brand, I need to regain consciousness. It’s been about 7 years since I started my “DearKiwanna & Gypsy”journey and my growth has been constant with the two. This year isn’t about self discovery for me but more so about “being” and “becoming”. The look and name of my brand may change but wherever this journey lead me know that its ALL Me. Blood & Bones.

For those who are participating in the African Deity & Tarot Card pull with me. This is how I’ll be determining my lead. I’ll be choosing a deity and tarot card based on the path I would like to walk this year. You can sporadically choose based on your own personal rituals or tarot pulls if you’d like.

Some things I did to honor my deity and card pull a couple of years back were lighting their candles, eating their favorite foods, wearing their favorite colors, smells, basically moving in the likes of and asking for their blessings.

I haven’t chosen this years deity or tarot card yet. I’ll be doing a little more research on the many gods & goddesses and narrowing down my needs.

You can begin at any time. This is not a race, and sometimes you may forget that you’re even participating. Write it down and date it. Come summer 2021 you’ll see you’ve received everything you’ve asked your deity for, just make sure that’s the right deity for you and be specific.

Happy Manifesting!

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