Wait, Am I a writer?

Today I saw a post about the Saturn- Uranus square that read “Old ways vs Nu Thinking”.
It didn’t stand until I was in the shower thinking about Mercury’s Retrograde.
I thought about how I put a hold.. more like a stop to my spiritual business dealings. I’m still very much into my practices, they’re just not for sale anymore.
I thought bout how I decided to start something new, then the industry I chose to dive in to.
Why? I asked myself why.. what are you doing??
& there I was, confused standing in the shower.
My Asana app dings!
“You have a new task to complete, create a story heading…..”
Wait, Am I a writer?!
Well.. I’ve been writing since I learned to write, I went to school for writing. I have a couple of websites and notebooks full of stories, poems, and articles. I currently write for a magazine, I’ve had a few celebrity interviews, and my name is “Dear Kiwanna”.
I admit I haven’t given my writing the attention it deserves and sometimes when I do interviews or write ups, I slack. Why tho?
Why am I searching for new adventures when I can perfect the one I put so much money and time to.
It isn’t that I don’t love it, just not appreciating it.
Wait, am I really a writer?!

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