Ladies, what are some phases you go through during your Lunar Cycle? My emotions are intense but they’re also fickle. Im needy, whiny, and completely over it. I’m also open. It’s a time when my body allows my emotions to flow freely through a safe outlet. I’m not ashamed of my feelings but proud toContinue reading

Lately I’ve been on chill My main focus going into this new decade is elevating my artistry Growth, expansion, and the journey to discovering parts of me I didn’t know existed To remind myself that I am my art Ascension. 19’ wasn’t that bad to me There were hard lessons I needed to learn butContinue reading

Receiving the blessings from the sincere seeds I’ve planted Anything extra is a bonus I’ve always been good Setting boundaries, watching the snakes I see you, I see everything My heart is giving, my love is genuine, and my intentions are pure Keep like minded people around you I’m bringing gifts as I walk intoContinue reading