✨ Talismans of Potency 🎴

We’re being called to use all of our sacred tools and objects via this spiritual journey. It should be used as an extension to our power, helping to heal the split between spirit and matter. Objects become talisman when they are cleansed, dedicated, and charged with sacred intent. Protect your talisman, protect that energy 🧿 The surrounding cards are telling us there is a long journey ahead filled with health, wealth, and success but you must find your peace.. the objects that’ll bring you help on this journey.
• Two of clubs is sign that you will have to make a leap of faith.
• Three of clubs is a representation of immense creativity, but can also reference the stress that is often associated with the creative process.
• Seven of clubs can represent the feelings of being blocked or trapped in work or relationships.
• Two of spades could represent a difficult situation or decision that could cause division between those closest to you.

Asé 🌿

Today I filled my bath water with my tears

Afraid to let go or let in

Thinking I have it together, to only to end up where I began

As I ran my water.. the tears began to fall

Uncertain, raw, and open

I allowed the water to run deep through me

Letting my tears flow freely through the circuits that allow my heart to beat

I’m still learning

Trying my best to accept me ❤️

Did Venus forget she wasn’t retrograde anymore? I mean.. it’s cool if you want me to face my lessons after the fact but listen, I’m sinking over here.. I need a manual 📔🥴

Brown girl. Brown skin. Melanin.
Black curves. Black nerves. Black friends.
Kinky Locs. Ruby rocks. Black skin.

Colored Women. 🖤🤎

If you want more out of life surround yourself with people and things that bring more to your life.
Stop carrying everyone’s weight, it’s too heavy for your creativity.
Expand your reach.
The people that you’re trying to impress isn’t your audience.



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