I’m a good personI give more than I should, I help whenever I’m available, and I’m extremely understanding.. too understandingI’m forgivingI try not to burn bridges or just throw people away. Sometimes people actually changeI’m not flawlessI’ll never pretend to be something or someone I’m not. What you see is all I have to giveI’veContinue reading

Caring about a person that you know you shouldn’t is an exhausting feeling It slows you down, throws things off track And for whatever reason.. you know why you shouldn’t but at that very moment it’s like your heart and emotions hold more weight than your head Be logical Your feelings are yours and theyContinue reading

First. Ima start by saying my New Year started February 1st, 2020. Now that that’s out the way how do you guys feel? It’s a new decade! Which brings me to my topic: “Do we really only get one life to live?” What about our past lives? I don’t know about you guys but IContinue reading