We’re in the midst of Cancerian Full Moon energy as well as the end of the year. We all have a lot to reflect on within this past year but what was done is done and some words aren’t meant to be taken back.
Sit with that. Understand the balance and how things must go to keep order. We have to go through certain situations to grow.
So while we sit with our emotions and reflect on the years passed, sit with your goals and meditate how to move pass your past.


Hibiscus Tea: 🌺🍊🍎🍯

Aromatherapy Boil: Orange peels, apple half’s, cinnamon sticks, chamomile root, bay leaves, yellow dock root, blue corn meal, rose buds, rosemary, a few drops of Florida water & Moon water.

Happy Manifesting 🤍

The transition has been tough for some
I sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the new routines
This life chose me just as yours did you
The unknown is a part of the ascension
This helps to sharpen our intuition
Breathe, we’re creating life.

In other news, Ruth left Naomi’s care and married Boaz, but that wasn’t until she purged herself and set her heart free.

Mercury RX is over but there’s a shadow period that usually last for about a week after mercury has stationed direct.

Shadow Work.

Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY & tbh I think ima make it a Mental Health Day. Maybe do some cleaning, cleansing, & cooking, anything to keep my mind and eyes off social media and the events that’s surrounding the day.

Don’t let stupid people irritate you this week! Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, respect goes a long way.

We’re leaving Mercury RX Nov 3rd but that doesn’t mean things will magically clear up. There’s a shadow period before & after so get ready to clean up the mess you made. Adding to the RX confusion, I wouldn’t be surprised if crazy things start happening while trying to cast your vote. The energy is extremely thick.

In every you do keep a positive mind & stay divine!

Happy Manifesting!

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