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New Moon in Pisces Energy ♓️⚡️🌊

On March 13th.. 12ish because the Sun is also Pisces, there will be a New Moon in the sign of Pisces that will require our light and shadow to completely understand our ascension.
Pisces being a mystical, empathetic, overflowing emotional sign will gift us emotional, free flowing communication. Feathers are important in Native American rituals. They represent prayer both actively speaking and passive listening. Their also considered gifts from spirit, their to be treated as sacred symbols.
Every stone, plant, animal, and human has a message, listen.


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Having a Moon or Rising in Virgo is like getting a glimpse of what could change the world or the people around you.

It’s like being extremely soft, yet tough at the same time.

It’s like holding on to a light, waiting for the perfect moment but the timing never feels right.

Every now and then you’ll need to separate yourself and recharge. Let this Virgo Moon remind you of who you are and what you’re working towards.

Home is in your heart, make yourself at home.