Let’s talk Creative Journeys.

As a fellow artist I’m constantly changing my canvas. The look, the sound, and package. Inspiration is here to uplift and controversies are there to strengthen. GROW in your artistry. It’s almost impossible to stay the same as a artist in a social media world that is constantly changing. Don’t compromise, blossom. You’re the only person with your vision so you’re the only person who can bring that masterpiece to life. Not saying that we shouldn’t accept help.. we should but understand the difference between help and hindering and when it’s time to change and let go.

🌿Creating my Apothecary with one healing herb at at time

🌿Im super excited and can’t wait for you guys to try out my Herbal Teas, Herbal Baths, and Yoni Steams! My personal recipes are created to help us get through Covid Winter. Tea to help boost immunity, herbal baths to relax our mind, body, and spirit as well as Yoni steams to help with lunar cycle cramps, ovulation pain, and simple maintenance. If you would like to pre order don’t hesitate to send me an email. Herbs will be packaged this weekend and shipped the following week.

🌿Happy Manifesting!

Crystals and Affirmations for Beginners

Crystal healing has been around longer than we can date. Native Americans used stones and crystals to heal illnesses, rituals, meditation, and currency. Here are a few beginner stones for those just beginning their practice.

💎Amethyst promotes calm energy which helps with relaxation and stress relief. Amethyst is said to be great when worn on Saturdays, especially during a Descending Moon. This stone also vibrates well with Lavender essential oils. Affirmation: I’ve found stillness in the mist of chaos. I’m at peace.

💎 Citrine represents abundance and creativity. This stone can help increase wealth and bring joy. Citrine is a money magnet stone and vibrates well when place by the door or desk of your job or business. Affirmation: I’m manifesting the life I desire.

💎 Clear Quartz is the ultimate healing stone. This stone removes negative thoughts and restore hope and clarity. Clear Quartz goes well with any stone. It’ll amplify the properties of the stone it’s paired with. Affirmation: I’m healing myself through clear understanding of who I’m meant to be.

💎 Rose Quartz brings unconditional love and compassion. This is a highly intuitive stone known for vibrating understanding and hope. Rose Quartz helps to decrease heartache and provide personal fulfillment. Affirmation: Love brings out the best in me, I deserve love.

💎 Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone. This stone helps with discernment and grounding. Tiger’s Eye can bring endurance and patience. It’s also helpful when felling overwhelmed or helpless. Affirmation: I am strong, courageous, and level headed.

There’s so much more to learn when healing with crystals. These are just a few stones to help kick start your crystal healing journey. What are some of your favorite stone? Leave us a comment and tell us about your crystal healing journey.

Happy Manifesting!

Late Sept and Oct is Harvest Season. Plant your seeds now and watch them manifest. This is the perfect time 🍂🌽

Virgo New Moon 🌙

Chamomile Tea w/Elderberries 🍇

Tonight I lathered in @klassykares Hemp soap! Its one of my favs from her! Then I oiled down in my Lavender and Jasmine body oil, the best time is before bed. I’m now in the bed, sipping my tea, cuddling while watching Netflix and listening to the rain.

Self care is important.

Virgo New Moon 🌙

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