Everything is changing and It’s not going back to how it used to be. People are arguing conspiracies.. political.. anything they can think of to not deal with the fact ITS TIME FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE. Rather it was a pandemic or an explosion, the universe has perfect timing.
Our grandchildren’s children will live in a different world, a place we couldn’t imagine. Medicine will not always be available, jobs won’t always be there, we’ve seen how bad it is and can get. Teach your loved ones the tools to survive. Stop talking about what it is and start discussing how to prepare for it.

Asé 🌿

I went to college, HBCU PROUD but I ran completely out of funds in 2016 so I didn’t graduate. I moved back home to Georgia in 2018 and been working my ass off since then. The year is now 2020 and I’m working in the field I went to school for, have my own business, & a 9-5 job.
The words for today is NETWORKING & staying CONSISTENT.

Asé 🌿

The atmosphere may be heavy for the masses today/ week but luckily by the end of this week, beginning of next things will begin to lighten up.
Last night’s meditating was heavy (I’m still a beginner) but when I finally got there it was like my spirit didn’t wanna leave. There was some things in my heart I needed to release. Things I didn’t realize id been hurting from, those things had become to heavy.
Use these days to release and open up for what’s about to come. Block those negative thoughts and energies, move past it. Heal yourself.

Asé 🌿

Lemon Juice
One has Almond Milk, one is without 🥛✨

Enjoy! 💚

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