Lately, it’s been hard for me to see my blessings

To see, understand, and feel the warmth around me

Although I have more than enough love, help, and, support

I’ve allowed myself to become stuck in my head and ways

Feeling like I need to do this.. or start that

Thinking I have to become “Her” in order to receive “That”

All I needed was to breath.

I’ve been extremely hard on myself and I owe myself an apology.

I’d like to apologize for not taking the time to understand my potential and how it is equal to my work ethic. My worth ethics are the driving force to my greatest potential.

For not capitalizing on the freedom God granted

For being fearful of going at it alone and maintaining bridges that should have been burned.

My Tower moments come not when things start to fall apart but when I begin to accept things and people for who they are. Then, I fully understand that I don’t have to be a part of what and who no longer serves for my greater purpose.

I promise to become full

Full of myself, my gifts, and my artistry

To put myself in position and follow suit

To put my best foot forward and always lead with integrity and respect

I can no longer fault myself for what I didn’t know or understand

This time its different

I see

I feel

I am

I understand.


Ladies, what are some phases you go through during your Lunar Cycle?

My emotions are intense but they’re also fickle.

Im needy, whiny, and completely over it.

I’m also open.

It’s a time when my body allows my emotions to flow freely through a safe outlet.

I’m not ashamed of my feelings but proud to have them choose me.

I feel powerful.

I feel like a woman.

Lately I’ve been on chill

My main focus going into this new decade is elevating my artistry

Growth, expansion, and the journey to discovering parts of me I didn’t know existed

To remind myself that I am my art


19’ wasn’t that bad to me

There were hard lessons I needed to learn but it taught me endurance, gave me stamina, and showed me how to work with what was given

19’ gifted me the space and freedom to try new things, fail, then try again

A certain peace of mind

When things aren’t exactly okay but you’re okay because you’ve been there before and survived

These past couple of years have been nothing less than growth, healing, and understanding

In 2020 I promise to become more of who I am and who I feel I’m supposed to be. To feel myself completely and understand that there’s only 1 me

To unapologetically go hard for my self worth and healing

Spiritual growth is the only bag I’m chasing. Everything else will fall in place


Twin Flames

Spiritually we connect

Mentally he accepts

My flames and my flaws

Technically, we’re now involved

Evolved into something greater

More potent within its flavors

Drenched like silk sheets in the summer

My love is deep

It takes him under

Take him down, down to Atlantis

You’re with Gypsy no need to panic

My alchemy got him weak

Wait, take this elixir before you sleep…

Twine Flames.


(Photo @tumblr )

Receiving the blessings from the sincere seeds I’ve planted

Anything extra is a bonus

I’ve always been good

Setting boundaries, watching the snakes

I see you, I see everything

My heart is giving, my love is genuine, and my intentions are pure

Keep like minded people around you

I’m bringing gifts as I walk into this new decade

I never backtrack, always moving forward

2020 I can’t wait to work with you 🌹