Dear Kiwanna, The planets been crazy trippin these past couple of months but fret not… Jupiter is home in Sagittarius and everything’s all good 😎 I took some time from my business to focus on healing. This year showed me nothing but truths within myself and accepting things i can’t change, but to adapt and make it my bxtch!😝 Venus has gone direct and her … Continue reading

Gypsy Journal 📔

Dear Kiwanna, November 4, 2018 • Sun in Scorpio • Moon in Libra • Venus in Libra (retrograde). Transitioning from planet to planet, person to person, and feeling to feeling, it’s a cycle. It’s also about growth and adaptivity. Learning how to grow in uncomfortable situations and adapting to your surroundings and the surroundings of others. It’s not about settling. Comprising is okay, but setting … Continue reading Gypsy Journal 📔

Progression during this Venus Retrograde?

Well, since everyone is sharing their Venus Retrograde progress I’m feeling inclined to share mine Venus sent a handful of guys from my past, like seriously Each one sparked me in an emotional way at one point in my life Venus gave me Clarity She didn’t show me what i actually wanted, but she showed me what i didn’t and what i could no longer … Continue reading Progression during this Venus Retrograde?