Okay.. yes. I know I asked to ascend, transform, to tap into my personal power but EVERY DAMN DAY?! Universe listen. You got all these planets changing positions.. I mean, you got the planets that rarely move off they ass and on their feet and you want me to move in the likes or there of?! You want me to experience their light and shadow while STILL battling my own. Baby I’m tieddd. I’m shedding this skin but IM TIEDDD ! & now you throw in a Mercury retrograde in SCORPIO?! Followed by a Full Moon on Halloween!!?! Jezus take my chart.

This week is kinda funny acting. Not too heavy, but strange. Egos will be shifted and some will come face to face with their own projections. My advice is to mind your mouth and watch your attitude. Think before you act

Anxiety Bath 🛀 💜

My anxiety is on 10 today and I need relief. Sometimes we don’t know why we don’t know, or why we’re worried. Sometimes we can’t call it, or give that feeling a name but we feel how we feel and it’s valid.

DoNotDisturb ..

Let’s talk Creative Journeys.

As a fellow artist I’m constantly changing my canvas. The look, the sound, and package. Inspiration is here to uplift and controversies are there to strengthen. GROW in your artistry. It’s almost impossible to stay the same as a artist in a social media world that is constantly changing. Don’t compromise, blossom. You’re the only person with your vision so you’re the only person who can bring that masterpiece to life. Not saying that we shouldn’t accept help.. we should but understand the difference between help and hindering and when it’s time to change and let go.

🌿Creating my Apothecary with one healing herb at at time

🌿Im super excited and can’t wait for you guys to try out my Herbal Teas, Herbal Baths, and Yoni Steams! My personal recipes are created to help us get through Covid Winter. Tea to help boost immunity, herbal baths to relax our mind, body, and spirit as well as Yoni steams to help with lunar cycle cramps, ovulation pain, and simple maintenance. If you would like to pre order don’t hesitate to send me an email. Herbs will be packaged this weekend and shipped the following week.

🌿Happy Manifesting!


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