The Queen of Spades is a dark hair woman, possibly widowed or heartbroken. She’s not nice, sometimes unfair but it comes from a hurt place.

(42) 4+2=(6) In numerology 6 is family, harmony , and healing, this is setting the foundation for a harmonious home.

Someone is waiting to give you love, harmony, and healing. Go with it ❤️

Libra New Moon 🌙⚖️

Relationships. Balance. Karma.

If your past hasn’t showed up yet, don’t worry.. it will. Don’t be alarmed, shamed, or upset. Let your past pass. Show Karma.. who’s ever it is, THE DOOR 🚪. Mercury RX is also in Scorpio so the intensity and urgency is laid on pretty thick. Don’t allow this to make you antsy or paranoid. Balance. Release those feeling of anger, hurt, and regret you have from the past and move TF on. That was a past life. This is your new. Don’t fxck it up.

My advice: Sex Magick 💦


Okay.. yes. I know I asked to ascend, transform, to tap into my personal power but EVERY DAMN DAY?! Universe listen. You got all these planets changing positions.. I mean, you got the planets that rarely move off they ass and on their feet and you want me to move in the likes or there of?! You want me to experience their light and shadow while STILL battling my own. Baby I’m tieddd. I’m shedding this skin but IM TIEDDD ! & now you throw in a Mercury retrograde in SCORPIO?! Followed by a Full Moon on Halloween!!?! Jezus take my chart.

This week is kinda funny acting. Not too heavy, but strange. Egos will be shifted and some will come face to face with their own projections. My advice is to mind your mouth and watch your attitude. Think before you act

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