Working with plants and flowers is like going to gardening school. I’m learning patience mostly, but also how to listen and understand what my plants need. Like being close to them, talking, and relating to their growth. Also! You can’t purchase flowers from just any store that advertises “fresh” plants. A lot of stores spray their flowers with some kind of adhesive that keeps their plants looking fresh. I learned that the hard way and had a major fail with my last batch. I was shocked because of where I got them from but that’s neither here nor there. This one looks promising. I was checking in on it while I let it boil.

Rose Oil is great for skin or hair, you can even add it to your bath water. Rose Oil is also used to boost confidence and fight depression. I’m in love with this product, try it for yourself!


Let this Full Moon use you, seriously
Allow the aesthetics of Scorpio to guide you to your deep dark waters, where you’ve been afraid to go
Welcome your shadows to reveal themselves, to help show you who you are.
Did you dream last night? Who was there? How did it feel?
Scorpio also brought a mirror.

“Never tame your demons, always keep them on a leash.” -Hozier



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You know what’s REALLY good? Frozen Elderberry Juice! I usually make a medium size jug to get me through the week but I made so much I had to freeze the rest and save for later.

Well today I took it out the freezer and let it sit in the fridge to give it that slushy look & taste, it was amazing! Almost better than when it’s fresh out the tea pot, actually it was better than drinking it fresh out the pot or on regular chill. How do you make your Elderberry Tonic? Below are some ingredients and instructions on how I create my tonic ❤️

Fresh Elderberries




Lemon or lemon juice

Put the Elderberries, cinnamon, ginger, and if you have a fresh lemon peel it, stir, and l place everything in a pot.

Let it get to a boil.

After that, turn off your stove and let it sit and cook for about 45 mins. When it’s cool add your honey then stir. If your using lemon juice, you can add your lemon juice in with your honey, stir, then let it sit for a min until it’s ready to be served. After that you can place it in a container and place it in your fridge or freezer.

You also have the option of drinking it like tea while it’s still hot.

Stay Healthy 💛


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