Wire wrapped stones start at $25. This includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Rings start at $15. Contact me for further information if you would like to purchase a stone. I have a wide variety of stones available for purchase.
Smudging ritual kits are available for purchase. This includes Sage, Sweetgrass braids, Cedar, Palo Santo etc. Herbal bags are also available to order. I have a variety of natural herbs to choose from. Mixed bags are available as well. These herbs and kits are great for burning and smudging rituals. Desert Sage (large) for bundling start at $10. White Sage Smudge stick (large) bundles start at $17
Regular, Chakra , and Fixed candles are available to purchase. I carry a variety of colors to fit your specific need. Fixed candles are created with the intent of what you want to manifest. My fixed candles are created around Lunar cycles, and will only be available to purchase during certain Moon Cycles. Regular candles are $5, Chakra $8, and Fixed $15
Herbal Kits start at $35. This includes specific herbs, incense, tools, and instructions on how to smudge or clear the energy where it’s needed.
Waist Beads are (2) for $30 & (3) for $40. Choose your own theme and colors. Bracelets & necklaces are available to purchase as well.
Natural hair, body & intent oil is available for purchase. Oils start at $11
Beaded bracelets are $7. If you’d like to add a charm it’s an extra $3. Bracelet sizes range from 8/9. If you need a smaller or larger size be sure to let me know when you place your order.
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