This Full Moon weekend was needed.

Stress… stress… stress. Stress kills.

Eliminate it by catering to yourself.

You’ll need $0.00 to show yourself appreciation.

Write down and date your goals. Keep them in the front of your mind with your stress and their triggers. So when you become overwhelmed think about your goals. Your dreams, the things you’re trying to manifest and keep working towards them.

Your goals are bigger than your stress, seek the bigger picture.

Don’t give up!




• Friday 13th, 2019 • Harvest Moon • Full Moon in Pisces •

I’m more conscious during the Moon Cycles. This Harvest Moon has me questioning what it is I’m trying to grow.

Am I fulfilled? No, not at the moment.

I know what I want but getting there is a little fuzzy. I’m unsure if I’m planting the right seeds.

What fills my cup? What frequency am I swimming at? What makes ME happy?

Temporary actions and feelings are temporary indeed, but it’s starting to become outdated. I’ve master the art of detachment while setting strict boundaries but now it’s hard to feel.

We all posses the tools to manifest what we desire. How will I use my tools? Am I using them right or at all?

Searching for yourself is a deep journey. You can’t allow yourself to become biased based on emotions and information that are subject to change. I have to be gentle with myself.

To whom much is given, much is required. The universe is very generous to me but it’s never without work. The spiritual work that takes place in the back of my mind and deep in the middle of my heart.

This weekend I need to travel. It won’t fix my issues but it’ll allow me to clear my mind and some space to focus on what I want and need.

During this time, take your time.


Pisces Full Moon

The Full Moon in Pisces is asking us to be our complete magical selves. Open your heart and let love flow like fish in the sea. Not second nature, but first. Pisces are magical and mysterious creatures. Their language is laughter and love. Put up your ego and open your heart. There’s blessings waiting for you there.


Evolve What would you gain by staying the same? My most influential planet position is Pluto in the sign of Scorpio, 3rd House. Change is constant with me. I’m constantly changing & tearing down to build the new.. the improved. I’ll never stop seeking nor learning new ways to be. Better ways to love me I’m far from perfect but I’ve grown to adore my imperfections & mistakes. They are a part of me, a part of my learning process. Evolve into what you feel, into what you seek. Kiwanna,