You ever felt like your spirit was growing bigger than your body?
You used to tame it. Dress it down, keep it quiet…
It’s something about Scorpio season that’ll bring your truth to the light.
Illuminating your fire, while protecting your sight.
The things we’ve foreseen are now making sense.

This is your own marathon, run your race.


Hey loves! Quick question…

Would you guys be interested in a raffle? Hear me out, a box just like this but filled with even more goodies. The box will be packed with new products and merchandise.

This box will include:

Herbal Teas
Yoni Steams
Herbal Baths
Fresh Herbs
Manifesting Candle
Incense &
Manifesting Oil

For $5.50 you could get a $60 value box filled with self care. The raffle will be generated automatically, and recorded so you guys can see which name it lands on!

If you’re interested comment below or send me a DM. I need at least 10 people to play so we can get the ball rolling.

Let me know what you think! 💚🌿

The Queen of Spades is a dark hair woman, possibly widowed or heartbroken. She’s not nice, sometimes unfair but it comes from a hurt place.

(42) 4+2=(6) In numerology 6 is family, harmony , and healing, this is setting the foundation for a harmonious home.

Someone is waiting to give you love, harmony, and healing. Go with it ❤️

Libra New Moon 🌙⚖️

Relationships. Balance. Karma.

If your past hasn’t showed up yet, don’t worry.. it will. Don’t be alarmed, shamed, or upset. Let your past pass. Show Karma.. who’s ever it is, THE DOOR 🚪. Mercury RX is also in Scorpio so the intensity and urgency is laid on pretty thick. Don’t allow this to make you antsy or paranoid. Balance. Release those feeling of anger, hurt, and regret you have from the past and move TF on. That was a past life. This is your new. Don’t fxck it up.

My advice: Sex Magick 💦


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