Late Sept and Oct is Harvest Season. Plant your seeds now and watch them manifest. This is the perfect time 🍂🌽

Virgo New Moon 🌙

Chamomile Tea w/Elderberries 🍇

Tonight I lathered in @klassykares Hemp soap! Its one of my favs from her! Then I oiled down in my Lavender and Jasmine body oil, the best time is before bed. I’m now in the bed, sipping my tea, cuddling while watching Netflix and listening to the rain.

Self care is important.

Virgo New Moon 🌙

Teaching myself forgiveness 💚
I’m forgiving myself for the things I didn’t know and the situations I let in because of it.
I’m forgiving others for the apologies I’ll never get and hurt that still come with it.
Hate doesn’t live here & I appreciate my rest because yes, evil never sleeps.

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