💫 Saturn Return 🪐

💫 Saturn Return 🪐 Our Saturn Return usually comes between the ages of 25-33… late 20’s, early 30’s.The planet Saturn takes about 29/30 years to travel through all 12 signs, this means you will experience a Saturn Return every 29/30 years.This marks the beginning and end of major life cycles. In our lifetimes most people will experience 3.To a Goddess who’s experiencing her 1st, my … Continue reading 💫 Saturn Return 🪐

Rose Oil

Working with plants and flowers is like going to gardening school. I’m learning patience mostly, but also how to listen and understand what my plants need. Like being close to them, talking, and relating to their growth. Also! You can’t purchase flowers from just any store that advertises “fresh” plants. A lot of stores spray their flowers with some kind of adhesive that keeps their … Continue reading Rose Oil