I’m a good person
I give more than I should, I help whenever I’m available, and I’m extremely understanding.. too understanding
I’m forgiving
I try not to burn bridges or just throw people away. Sometimes people actually change
I’m not flawless
I’ll never pretend to be something or someone I’m not. What you see is all I have to give
I’ve said that to say this..

If I’ve ever had to cut all ties with you, it was you. Not me

-Mercury RX in Pisces 💦🧚🏾

I’m Moody

My moods change while I’m menstruating and ovulating

They also change with the phases of the Moon

New, Half, and Full

Does this make me too much?

To difficult to withstand?

This makes me a Woman

Willing to feel and understand

Sometimes I fight it, in hopes to suppress the bad

But what good is the journey if there’s nothing to be had

Every journey confuses me

I also begin to understand

That without embracing this power

I’ll always remain the same


Caring about a person that you know you shouldn’t is an exhausting feeling

It slows you down, throws things off track

And for whatever reason.. you know why you shouldn’t but at that very moment it’s like your heart and emotions hold more weight than your head

Be logical

Your feelings are yours and they are valid but just because you’re feeling these feelings doesn’t mean the person you’re thinking about are feeling them too

Emotions change. People change

Give your energy to people who value you. Who see the king, queen, goddess, etc.. those are the people you want to give your heart and energy too. People who consider you and your emotions in everything they do when it involves you

There are some really selfish people out there

Their selfish with their heart and how they give it to other people. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being selfish when it comes to you or your mental and spiritual health but when you’ve made the choice to connect with someone else on a level that involves your heart it’s selfish of you to keep the person you decided to give it to at a distance from

Some people don’t know they do it, but that’s beside the point

Stay away from the toxicity of people like that

Set your boundaries and let this be known.. access to your energy is a fucking privilege and if their not willing to open up how you need your person to be.. they where never right for you from the beginning

Take your energy back and level tf up!



• Friday 13th, 2019 • Harvest Moon • Full Moon in Pisces •

I’m more conscious during the Moon Cycles. This Harvest Moon has me questioning what it is I’m trying to grow.

Am I fulfilled? No, at the moment I am not.

I know what I want but getting there is a little fuzzy. I know how I want the outcome to look and feel but I’m unsure if I’m planting the right seeds.

What fills my cup? What makes ME happy?

Temporary actions and feelings are temporary indeed, but it’s starting to become outdated. I’ve master the art of dis attachment and setting strict boundaries but now it’s hard to feel.

I posses the tool to manifest what I desire, we all do. How will I use my tools? Am I using them right or at all?

Searching for yourself is a deep journey. You can’t allow yourself to become biased based on emotions that constantly change. I have to be gentle and patient with myself.

A small weekend trip is what the doctor is ordering, well for me. It won’t fix my issues but it’ll allow me to clear my mind and space to focus on what I want and need.

To whom much is given, much is required.


First. Ima start by saying my New Year started February 1st, 2020.

Now that that’s out the way how do you guys feel?

It’s a new decade! Which brings me to my topic: “Do we really only get one life to live?” What about our past lives?

I don’t know about you guys but I feel a tad bit different.

Does the feeling make this a new life?

A new moon phase?


I don’t believe you only get one life to live, you can actually have plenty.

There are some people who’ve lived through a lot of different things, have grown and overcame their obstacles.

Their spirit has lived different lives and experienced many different things.

Dying is one thing but living is where life is.

At any giving moment you have the power to change and live a life more suitable to your growth and healing.

Back in college me and one of my best friends would go out every Thursday night.

I remember us telling each other, “these are the best days of our lives!”.. and I’d think about where I’d be when I looked back over that moment.

The moment I thought was my best, how could I top that?!

Now my days are just as hype but I move different.

Im a lot smart with my decision making and the people I choose to keep around me.

Which life are you living? Are you making this your best one?

I wanna hear your feedback!

How has your life changed? What things have you learned along the way? Is this your new life? A new moon phase?